Football Team Embraces Season

The football coaches have ways to get their teams focused to learn what is needed to be successful on the field.

“To have them focus, I first give them the expectations to have a great work ethic and attitude,” Coach Eveld said. “We know mistakes will happen, but those can be corrected. With those two things, you can be successful in whatever you do.”

Some players really improved on the field.

“Andrew Hubbard has really stood out because he made a position change from Free Safety to Outside Linebacker and has really excelled at it so far,“ Coach Skimbo said.

Coach Pratt has also noticed Andrew.

“Andrew Hubbard has played great in learning a new position and plays hard,” Coach Pratt said. “Also, Skyler Mingboupha stands out because of his leadership and great work ethic.”

Skyler has an idea of what makes the team successful.

“The secret to our success is to become one as a team because we will get along and work together,” Skyler Mingboupha said.

Freshman Kaleb McDonald has another idea of what makes the team successful.

“Our work ethic makes us successful because our team is so athletic, and we try to work out our best,” Kaleb said.

The football players know they must bond together to overcome setbacks.

“If we are ever down on the scoreboard, we never quit, and we always try to cheer up our team,” Wilson Bonilla, 9th, said. “That’s TEAMWORK.”