New Counselor: Mrs. Cox


Mrs. Cox now is a part of the Kimmons faculty and counsels students with the problems in their lives. In education for eight years now, Mrs. Cox has taught at several schools such as Waldron Middle School and Howard Elementary. Before counseling at Sunnymede, Pike, and Fairview, Mrs. Cox taught 7th grade literacy and math, plus, 5th grade math, science, social studies.“

Mrs. Cox’s experience as a scholarship coordinator and admissions officer at a university inspired her to pursue a teaching degree.

“I loved working with counselors and students and helping them meet their academic and career goals,” Mrs. Cox said.

To assist teenagers in dealing with their problems, Mrs. Cox uses a solution-focused approach.

“This approach allows students to identify their strengths, set goals, and create steps to reach those goals,” Mrs. Cox said.

Overall, Mrs. Cox likes being at Kimmons Junior High.

“I love the students and staff at Kimmons,” Mrs. Cox said. “Everyone has made me feel very welcome and like I am part of the Kimmons family.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Cox enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and spending time with her family.

“We love being outside, going to the lake, hiking, and fishing,” Mrs. Cox said.