New Faculty: Mrs. Rackley

Mrs. Rackley, who has been in education eight years and previously taught at Cedarville High School, was inspired to become an educator by her past teachers.

“As I was growing up, I remember my teachers being passionate, inspiring, knowledgeable, and encouraging,” Mrs. Rackley said. “I wanted to be that teacher who could make a difference. It didn’t appear to get much better than doing what you love and teaching it to others.”

So far, Mrs. Rackley has enjoyed teaching Keyboarding and CBA at Kimmons.

“I enjoy the administration, staff, and students” Mrs. Rackley said. “The staff has been really great. They have been helpful anytime I have needed something. I can definitely see why they say Kimmons is a family.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Rackley enjoys going to the movies or the lake, fishing, shopping, and watching sports.

“I enjoy doing all these things because I get to spend time with my family,” Mrs. Rackley said.