New Faculty: Coach Skimbo

Coach Skimbo with freshman Deja Wesley

Coach Skimbo, a family-oriented man, has come to Kimmons Junior High from Poteau where he coached high school football, track, and powerlifting for the past three years. He has a total of fifteen years as an educator.

“Pretty much everyone in my family is in education or has an education degree,” Coach Skimbo said as to why he became a coach. “My dad was a college teacher. Also, I have five aunts and uncles who are or were teachers and coaches, and they all played sports in college. I have three cousins who are teachers and coaches, too. My little brother, my cousins, and I all played sports in college.”

Coach Skimbo likes the new change and experience in Fort Smith.

“The administration here is very very helpful, and so is the district human resources department — more so than any other place I have been,” Coach Skimbo said.

Coach Skimbo has differences between his home life and his school life.

“Students might be surprised to find out that I’m pretty laid back,” Coach Skimbo said. “Also, I listen to all kinds of music like 1970s funk, plus late ’80s and early ’90s rap, hip hop, and metal like Guns ‘n Roses.”

Coach Skimbo likes having good times and making memories with his family.

“My three-year-old daughter and I draw on my white board, run through the sprinklers outside, and play hide-and-go seek, which she tells me or my wife where to hide!” Coach Skimbo said. “We also have dance parties at the house, go visit grandparents, and love to go to the zoo.”