New Faculty: Mr. Herrlein

New Faculty: Mr. Herrlein

New 7th grade math teacher Mr. Herrlein has a history of working with kids. Before coming to Kimmons, Mr. Herrlein coached, mentored, and tutored kids at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club (BGC) in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

“What I liked best about the BGC was seeing students learn on and off the field and knowing I played a small role in that,” Mr. Herrlein said. “It was very fulfilling.”

Mr. Herrlein’s 10th grade math teacher inspired him to become an educator.

“I always had a math brain, and the subject just clicked with me,” Mr. Herrlein said. “I remember Mrs. West’s Trignometry lesson on sine, cosine, and tangent. She dressed up like a magician and explained the magic words ‘soh, cah, toa’ to help us solve the problems. I knew I wanted to try and make math more interesting like Mrs. West did.”

Mr. Herrlein uses specific methods to help students learn math.

“We use a lot of partner and group work,” Mr. Herrlein said. “It seems beneficial to have students help each other learn and have me as a resource.”

When he is not in the classroom, Mr. Herrlein enjoys going on hikes his wife Meghan, hitting the gym for Zumba, and playing the guitar and bass.

“Music is very relaxing because it’s a great outlet to shed some emotions,” Mr. Herrlein said. “Whether you’re mad, happy, sad, content, overwhelmed, you can pick up your instrument and play the music that goes with your mood or find your center with something you’ve played a million times. Before you know it, two hours have passed, and you have more than likely let go of why you started to play in the first place.”

Watching football on the weekends also relaxes Mr. Herrlein.

“I am a huge Baltimore Ravens fan because when I first started playing football, I saw Ray Lewis play linebacker,” Mr. Herrlein said. “He was the toughest, fiercest, and best player/leader on the field. I wanted to play like him when I was on the football field. So, I became a fan of the Ravens and have yet to give up on them.”

Mr. Herrlein likes how friendly people at Kimmons are.

“I like that everyone, students and teachers, have been very welcoming and accommodating as I settle In my first year as a teacher,” Mr. Herrlein said.