Well-Respected Teacher, Coach Transfers to Darby


After teaching 7th grade math here while also coaching wrestling for Northside for two years, Mr. Shaffer has accepted the opportunity to transfer to Darby Junior High School.

“I am conflicted about leaving MY children here at Kimmons,” Mr. Shaffer said. “I know that sometimes opportunities arise that can lead someone in a new direction. I tried to make a small impact (good or bad) during my short time here at Kimmons and look forward to the opportunities that are on the horizon. One skill I tried to inspire in my students was the fact that they should not fear hard work and with hard work comes great rewards. Lead by example.”

That motto may have come from Mr. Shaffer’s 24 years active duty in the Air Force.

“What inspired me to become a teacher and coach was the fact that I get to work with the future leaders of this great nation and help guide them in the right direction,” Mr. Shaffer said.

Students recognized Mr. Shaffer’s goal to lead them on a solid path in life.

“Coach Shaffer is a hard-working teacher and coach,” Demarion Shepard, 8th, said. “My favorite memory was last year in 5th period because he used to get me and Adarion in trouble all the time. I will just miss being around Coach Shaffer and seeing him in the hallway because he is my biggest motivator on and off the field.”

People surrounding Mr. Shaffer see that he has good qualities.

“Mr. Shaffer has done an outstanding job as a math teacher and coach,” Principal Watkins said. “He gives of his time to help students and wants them all to be successful. He is very organized and has a great demeanor with students.”

Fellow 7th grade math teacher Mr. Cash admires what Mr. Shaffer brings to the classroom and to the mat.

“Coach Shaffer’s attention to detail and focus on the small things have made him an outstanding coach and teacher,” Mr. Cash said.

Ms. Swink appreciates how Mr. Shaffer is always there to lend an ear and advise his fellow peers, and she likes how well the seventh-grade math department all worked together and “had each other’s backs.” Ms. Swink has great respect for Mr. Shaffer as a teacher.

“Mr. Shaffer goes above and beyond in helping and volunteering for the students,” Ms. Swink said. “His lessons engage and challenge students to reach their highest potential. He likes to bring fun and entertainment into his lessons and make them memorable.”

Assistant Principal Jones sees even more qualities in Mr. Shaffer.

“Mr. Shaffer brings a unique combination of toughness and love that the students really respond to,” Assistant Principal Jones said. “I will miss his overall presence and demeanor at Kimmons.”

Students described Mr. Shaffer in different ways.

“Coach Shaffer can be mean but only when you make him mad,” Laisha Zarate, 7th, said. “Other than that, he is a nice and fun teacher. I will miss Coach Shaffer yelling at me and staring at me when I laugh.”

Jaqeulin Delafuente, 7th, likes Mr. Shaffer’s teaching methods.

“I’m going to miss how Coach Shaffer taught us because he is one of the best math teachers ever!” Jaquelin said.

Mr. Shaffer brought smiles and happiness to his students.

“I will miss Coach Shaffer’s humor because math is very hard but when he puts humor in it, it’s easier,” Jonathan Santiago, 7th, said.

Others like Mr. Shaffer’s dedication and concern.

“Coach Shaffer would help me in anything,” Mateo Lira, 8th, said. “He always cared about the wrestling team and made me complete my work.”

Mr. Shaffer reflected on his brief time here.

“I will miss the entire staff at Kimmons,” Mr. Shaffer said. “I’ve worked with some really great leaders here both inside and outside the classrooms and learned many new techniques that allowed me to polish my leadership skills. The administration always supported me and provided guidance when needed. After 24 years in the military, I was finally able to solve the puzzle on how to have a successful group — start with great leaders who WORK for their staff. Kimmons is successful due to their servant leaders.”

On a final note, Mr. Shaffer leaves Kimmons with one last quote for all: “Lead from the front and challenge your staff and/or students in ALL they do.”