Track Athletes Stay Motivated

As the gun sounded, athletes raced to claim a first-place ribbon.

Students have certain reasons as to why they run track.

“My parents did track in college,” Jeremiah Tabut, 8th, said. “I like it because it makes me stronger and healthier.”

Other than being inspired by family members, students ran track for the physical conditioning.

“It helps you with physical and mental health,” Joleen Grober, 8th, said. “My biggest challenge this season was that the competition was very challenging because I got nervous.”

Coach Eveld also saw the benefit of students being in Track.

“Running track helps increase foot speed, which helps in whatever else you do,” Coach Eveld said. “Being in an individual event allows you to be able to relax and just do what you do. The relays allow you to have the team aspect of working with others.”

Coach Eveld has specific ways he motivates his athletes to do their best.

“We tell them that they have to put the time and work in to be successful,” Coach Eveld said. “Our student athletes that compete in Track really like and strive to do the best they can.”