Forming Friendships for Life


Laughing in the courtyard at lunch, friends talked about anything and everything, told secrets, and laughed at each other’s jokes. At Kimmons, students meet people in different scenarios, and conversations lead to real, long friendships.

“When I moved schools, Tamia Knauls and Iesha and Quiniesha Tillery were the ones who made me feel welcome here,” Joleen Grober, 8th, said.

Some friends met in 7th grade.

“I met Cristal Enriquez in 7th grade in 5th period, and we’ve been best friends since then,” Jayline Garcia, 8th, said.

Others met in elementary school.

“Kaitlin Dodson is my closest friend,” Kaila Lindsey, 8th, said. “We met in 2nd grade and used to play tag at recess.”

Besides recess, sports brought people together.

“I met Tamia, Joleen, and Jazzlyn Coleman playing basketball,” Iesha Tillery, 8th, said.

Raiders have unique memories with their friends.

“We went to the Central Mall, and Gavin [Garrett] almost got stabbed,” Kortney Farber, 9th said.