How to Get a Girl


We are here to advise you on how to get a girl’s attention. First, you have to make her smile. Second, you should like or comment on her pictures on social media. Third, when you talk to her, make her feel special and be sure she is comfortable around you. Give her more attention than you give your friends. Also, whenever you talk or text her, don’t be boring! Make sure she’s happy when you talk to her. If she’s upset or having problems, hug her and cheer her up. When you’re around her, say sweet things to her.

Now, let’s see what some of our friends did to get their current girlfriends.

“I met my girlfriend Stacey Rodriguez in 2014 when she kept taking my nachos,” Luis E. Martinez, 9th said.

Other than sharing food, some guys simply use their natural charm.

“I smiled and sweet talked my girlfriend,” J.T. Thorne, 8th, said. “Then I told her how I felt.”

Some are just very direct.

“After my soccer game, I went over to the stands and asked her to be my girlfriend,” Wilson Bonilla, 8th, said.