Football Spotlight: Quintrel Tillery

Football Spotlight: Quintrel Tillery

Blanca Rodriguez and Sidney Whittaker

Quintrel Tillery, 9th, who has played Football all three years here, looks up to all his coaches who have worked with him.

“All my coaches motivated me to keep playing even though I wanted to quit,” Quintrel said. “Coach Fonville is a great coach. He has never let me down and helps me to be a good student. He will be mentioned in my speech when I get drafted into the NFL.”

Not only does Quintrel admire Coach Fonville, but the feeling is mutual.

“Starting in the summer, Quintrel came every day to workout and get in shape,” Coach Fonville said. “Although it was difficult, he did everything we asked him to. He was our starting nose guard on defense and made it difficult for teams to run the ball down the middle. Quintrel was a big part of our success this year.”