Raiderette Spotlight: Jaylin Barroso

Raiderette Spotlight: Jaylin Barroso

Jaylin Barroso, 9th, has been a Raiderette for nearly two years and finds motivation at school.

“The crowd, my team, and the school motivates me,” Jaylin said. “I just feel like I need to always do my best.”

Coach Holland appreciates what Jaylin brings to the dance team.

“Jaylin is one of the most positive people I have ever met,” Coach Holland said. “She always has a smile on her face. In the two years I’ve known her, Jaylin’s technique has improved greatly. She is an amazing leader and is going to do great things in her future!”

Jaylin joined Dance so she can be herself.

“Whenever I hear music, I always want to dance,” Jaylin said. “Music has always been there when I’m sad. Dancing makes me happy. When I dance, I feel unique.”