KJHS Welcomes New Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal Jones

Blanca Rodriguez

Assistant Principal Jones

In the hallway, Assistant principal Tony Jones interacts with students, encouraging them to be successful and to get to class on time. He hopes to be someone whom teenagers can look up to.

“At the junior high level, each kid wants to be able to succeed,” Mr. Jones said. “In order for that, they need a good role model.”

This is a new beginning for Kimmons which lost one of its assistant principals, Mr. Norwood, in June to cancer. Mr. Jones, a former Raider himself, has returned to fill the empty spot.

“Coming back to Kimmons as an administrator felt strange,” Mr.Jones said. “I never thought I would be in this position.”

Before becoming an assistant principal, Mr. Jones worked at Northside High School as an assistant coach for boys’ basketball.

“I think my students at Northside were both happy and sad when I left,” Mr. Jones said.

Thirteen years ago, Mr. Jones attended school here, but things have changed since 2002.

“I love Kimmons,” Mr. Jones said. “But when I was a Raider, I got into a lot of trouble for fighting, goofing off, and not following directions. I also got on my teachers’ nerves, especially Mrs. Springs, Coach Hinkle, and Ms. Core.”

Mr.Jones has a few things he likes best about Kimmons.

“The students overall are really good kids, they are well behaved, and intelligent and fun,” Mr. Jones said.