Freshmen Softball Players Face Defeat

Freshmen girls playing for the Northside Bears experienced a loss to Southside in a bout of softball on April 20th at the Evan’s Boys and Girls club. The Lady Bears came out swinging bats and hitting balls to the outfield but suffered a staggering loss of 8-2.

“The biggest challenge was getting down 1-6 in the fourth inning because it’s hard to come back,” Sidney Green said. “It was possible for us, but we did not show it in that game.”

Getting down mentally and physically lead to mistakes for Northside and a win for Southside.

“We could’ve done better if we had not let our errors get to us and if we kept our heads up,” Cheyenne Leonard said.

Aside from mistakes and losses, a few of ladies stood out for their skills on the field.

“Sydney Green was the most valuable player because she stays positive,” Keiona Hartgraves said.

In addition to Sidney, others identified Lexi Banks as the most valuable player.

“The MVP is Lexi Banks because she hits a lot out of the infield allowing other teammates to score,” Diona Perkins said.

Looking back the game, the freshmen ladies agreed on one thing.

“We could have had better encouragement between each other because when you take a challenge against a team, there should always be encouragement to fight through those challenges,” Chavon Kimbrough said.