How to Get a BAE

How to Get a BAE

Like in every fairy tale, girls want to find their Prince Charming. With these steps, we can help you get your happily ever after.

First, when searching for a BAE (Before Anything Else), you must see if he is single or taken. If he is taken, then take Elsa’s advice and just Let it Go!

Second, figure out why you like him — is it just physical appearance or his personality? Get to know them! Talk in person. Communication is essential for a relationship to work.

Third, keep in mind that time does not have to be on warp speed like in those fairy tales. You know, boy sees girl, they speak once, and then get married? Hang out with him so you can get to know each other better. Maybe you two could watch a romantic movie together, but keep those hands to yourself! Don’t proceed to kiss on the first date. If he really is a prince, he will respect you.

Finally, take it slow and go with the flow. When you feel the time is right, tell him how you feel. If all fails, don’t be sad because love is an open door full of opportunities.