False Advertisement in Fast Food

False Advertisement in Fast Food

Cha'Briya Harris, reporter

You get in the car, and the first thing on your mind is FOOD! So you ask your mom or dad to take you to the nearest restaurant. As you ride along, you see McDonald’s big advertisement for their juicy Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Yummy! Then you see a sign for Sonic’s delicious hand-mixed shakes.

These fast-food restaurants lure you in to buy their food; yet, what you actually get is not always the full extent of what you desired. When I get my Sonic hand-mixed shake and it’s watery, that is false advertising.

“When you get a burger, you expect it to look like it does on the billboard, and if it doesn’t, then you aren’t satisfied,” Kanai Samountry, 8th, said.

So, before you order a nice Quarter Pounder, ask yourself “Is this what I am paying for?”