Focus on Today

Being a teenager is the most difficult phase that anyone could be in, especially in our generation. We spontaneously do stuff without thinking or caring about what it could do to our futures. We suffer so much in life. Some of us do not care about education and have thrown everything away with just one mistake. Depressed teens cut themselves and use the excuse, “It’s life.” Others even kill themselves because they don’t have anyone to talk to.

Not everyone thinks the same about how to handle this difficult phase.

“I think all the troubles I’m going through are a good thing because it gives me the strength and experience for the rest of my problems,” Amy Franco, 9th, said.

We should be focused on education, sports, love, and fun. It’s all about the motto “YOLO” (You Only Live Once). We should be living life in a positive, not negative, self-harming way.

Yeah, I get it: “Everyone makes mistakes.” However, repeating the same mistake over and over, realizing the problem, and then still not trying to change for the better is how we get stuck in our own problems. If we would just do what we know is right and learn from our mistakes, then we will be successful in our lives.

I agree with Amy:

“Success is not about winning,” Amy said. “It’s about what you learn from losing. Then using that knowledge to get to your goal.”

It is important to plan for our futures, but focusing more on tomorrow instead of living for today could really add a lot of stress. Not everyone handles stress well. Stress leads to feeling emotionally sick and physically sick too. Much of what we worry about are things we have zero control over. And that’s what causes a lot of us to have more of a depressing life filled with stress. What we do have absolute control over is how we act today, what effort we put into whatever we are doing, what we learn today, how we apply what we know about ourselves, and the lessons we have learned.

Keep Matthew 6:34 in mind: “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”