Rumors Ruin Relationships

Rumors impact relationships as negatively as a brown recluse crawling on your skin. A disgusting thing like a scaly snake called a rumor can ruin everything. You may think the only snakes around you are enemies, but you’re sadly wrong. A friend, relative, and even a teacher could be the problem. When in a committed or strong relationship, you shouldn’t listen to everyone around you unless it’s your close friends, but sometimes it’s not always best to listen to them either. The snakes could be saying things to get to you just to get a reaction from you. That’s why not everyone is believable.

A rumor started from someone telling someone else something they heard or saw eventually spreads back to the person it’s about. There may be multiple versions of the story. It could quickly and easily ruin a relationship or may cause anger or humiliation. The best way to keep a healthy and happy relationship is by blocking out friends except ones you feel are trustworthy and doing what you feel is best in your relationship.