Hackers: Anonymous vs. Lizard Squad

Anonymous, a legendary group of cyber hackers, have done amazing things involving getting rid of those hacker groups with bad intentions. They do it for a good cause, but the government has tried to pick Anonymous members out and put them in jail for their expert hacking skills. Anonymous is spread out all across the world. Their chief rival is Lizard Squad, and Anonymous has a bone to pick with them.

On Christmas Day 2014, Lizard Squad tweeted “Xbox Offline.” Children nationwide excitedly opened up presents only to find that their new gaming systems did not work. Lizard Squad had hacked into the gaming servers of PlayStation and Xbox! The problem was that Anonymous had been hot on Lizard Squad’s trail ever since they had sent that threatening tweet. Anonymous posted a threat video to Lizard Squad saying to stop where they are or else they’ll shut them down before they do anything they regret. Even students participated in the online war by choosing which group of hacks are better than the others.

Although both Anonymous and Lizard Squad are loathed by different people, what separates them are their goals. When people think of computer hackers, they imagine individual, lousy teenagers meeting up in their secret hideouts to plan whose lives to ruin, but that is not Anonymous’s intention. They are activists, modern-day digital Robin Hoods who support WikiLeaks and the Occupy movement.

One thing about Anonymous is that they should not be taken lightly. Anyone who sets them up as trash is destined to be proven wrong resulting in thousands or even millions of dollars in damage to their precious PCs. Considering Anonymous has taken care of KKK members, Isis members, and even revealed the problems of the government for the world to see, rival hackers like Lizard Squad do not stand a chance.