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Michelle Hardwick

Michelle Hardwick, Reporter

Michelle Hardwick, 9th, is a shy, hidden, and mysterious person who could do without drama and fake friends.

"My best strength is reading people," Michelle said. "I can tell when a person is lying or hiding something. A weakness is that I take my anger out on others."

Michelle enjoys drawing and photography because she likes the visuals of it. She also likes to play basketball and to dance.

"I want to learn freestyle and hip-hop dance because I want to increase my moves," Michelle said.

Niyah Holmes, 9th, first met Michelle back in pre-K.

“Michelle can have a bad attitude, but besides that she’s a good student,” Niyah said. "When we spend time together, she makes me laugh and seems to make my day."

“Friends are and aren’t important,” Michelle said. "It’s nice to have friends to have fun with and talk to, but at the end of the day it’s only yourself. I would consider my Nana my best friend because she has my back and understands me. Also, she is very brave and shows kindness to others."

Michelle's cousin Lyne Whitfield, 7th, described her as "pretty, antisocial, very smart.”

"My favorite memory is when me, my sister, Chelle, and her sister were saying bad words behind my Papa's truck and got caught," Lyne said. "Chelle immediately said it wasn't her, but of course, it was all of us."

Written by Francisco Roman

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Michelle Hardwick