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Cody Lockhart

Cody Lockhart, Reporter

The ginger-haired Cody Lockhart, 9th, is a funny, smart, and loud boy who talks nicely and has very good manners.

KC Bennett, 9th, first met Cody in Journalism class where they enjoyed goofing around and teasing each other.

“Cody is a lively, truthful person who speaks his mind and is a great listener,” KC said.

Cody's best strength is that he reads fast, but his weakness is that he has bad eyesight. Something he would love to do is travel to Chad, Africa.

“I learned about it in French class, and it stuck out to me because I had to pick a French speaking country to research,” Cody said.

Cody’s best travel experience was a cruise because of all the free ice cream, but his worst travel experience was a family trip to an amusement park in Tampa, Florida.

“My Dad yelled at everybody,” Cody said.

Being second to the oldest child, Cody feels left out.

“I feel like I don’t get as much attention as my other siblings because I'm not the youngest, or the middle child, and I’m not the oldest,” Cody said.

Cody’s younger brother, Sebastian, 7th, describes Cody as mean.

“My favorite memory of Cody is him punching me,” Sebastian said.

Before he dies, Cody has some things he would like to accomplishment.

“My Bucket List includes learning a bunch of languages, not having kids, and learning how to tile a floor,” Cody said.

Written by Dazaria Yates

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Cody Lockhart