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Brittany Trenado, Reporter

Brittany Trenado, 8th, is a nice, caring, loving, and thoughtful person who sleeps too much. In fact, you probably didn't know but she's good at makeup -- so good that your eyeballs will melt from the glowing and shining highlights.

"I do my mom's makeup, my cousin´s makeup, my other cousin´s makeup, and a lot more people's makeup," Brittany said. ¨My favorite part of me doing makeup is playing with people's faces."

Many of Brittany friends say she's a loving person.

"Brittany is a nice and loving friend who cares a lot about people," Ashley Amaya, 8th, said. "My favorite memory is when we took the class photo and Brittany sat on the teacher's lap. I wanted to be there, but she got chosen instead."

Brittany really likes watching Youtube and Netflix, espeically Riverdale.

"Netflix has a lot of movies, and it's better than going to a movie theater," Brittany said.

Brittany is nice person.

"We become friends in 6th grade when I was sitting alone on a bench and Brittany came and told me 'Wanna be friends?'" Melanie Hernandez, 8th, said.

By Diana Hernandez

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