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Verenise Perez
Instead of being mean, selfish, and rude like many kids at school, the young lady named Verenise Perez, 8th, does not want people to remember her as an ignorant person. Verenise is a strong person who wants to make people happy every day be there for her friends no matter what.

"I support friends because if we are not there, who is?" Verenise said.

Sometimes, Verenise cares for people way too much.

"I would like to eliminate my flaw were I let people hurt me," Verenise said.

Araceli Garcia had some funny moments with Verenise.

"We flipped and fell, and we couldn't stop laughing, not even till this day," Araceli said.  "We have alot of fun, and I feel like I've known Verenise my whole life. I really trust her."

If Verenise could be an animal, she would be a panda.

"They are so adorable," Verenise said.

Written by Rosie Nguyen

Verenise Perez, reporter

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Verenise Perez