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Savanna Brewer
Outgoing, nice, and funny describes Savanna Brewer, 9th.

“Savanna is fun and outgoing," Sidney Whittaker, 9th, said. "She’s not really bright but has her smarter-than-you moments. She’s a really good listener and knows how to make you feel better."

Teachers also see this.

"Savanna is a funny, talkative, and sweet young lady," Mrs. Holland said.

Savanna is close to her family.

"Being in a big family is fun because you have more people you can trust and that have got your back," Savanna said.

Her friend Sydney sees the closeness.

"Savanna gets along well with her family," Sidney said. "She and her family have a great time and bond with each other."

Though they agree about her family and personality, these two friends disagree about her inner animal.

"If I were an animal, I would be a panda because they are cute," Savanna said.

Sidney disagrees.

"I would say she’s a unicorn," Sidney said. "She’s so different and unique. She’s one of a kind."

Even her teachers have an opinion.

"Savanna would be a cat because she’s cute and sweet, but if you make her mad, the claws come out," Mrs. Holland said.
Written by Rachel Cairel

Savanna Brewer, reporter

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Savanna Brewer