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Kanai Samountry
Born in Iowa, Kanai Samountry, 8th, can seem quiet and mysterious and admits that it takes a long time build up trust with people.  Yet, she is as loud as a screaming monkey.

"My friends say I'm loud because I'm a talkative person who talks to a lot of people," Kanai said.

Kanai's friend Jacob Guzman, 8th, shared his funniest memory with Kanai.

"We were in the car with Kanai's family when we were cruising around town," Jacob said.

Other than funny times, Kanai's friends also appreciate her.

"Kanai is very important to me because she always knows what to say, and it's so funny," Taylor Gilyard, 8th, said.

Berenice Garcia, who met Kanai in seventh grade said, considers Kanai more than a friend.

"Kanai is really important to me because she is like a sister," Berenice said.  "She is always there for me through thick and thin."

Written by Norma Figueroa

Kanai Samountry, reporter

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Kanai Samountry