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Jazmine Gonzales
Jazmine Gonzalez, 9th, is a very unique and gregarious individual who is forgetful at times.

“I would describe myself as very easy going and friendly,” Jazmine said.

Jazmine’s best memory was with her parents.

“When I was little, my dad let me have coffee,” Jazmine said. “It stands out because my mother told me not to.”

Alina Khamphavong, 8th, first met Jazmine in 5th grade when a mutual acquaintance introduced them.

“Jazmine is pretty and chill,” Alina said.

Destini shared a memory of Jazmine.

“My favorite memory with Jazmine is when we had a girls night,” Destini said. “We talked, had fun, got to know each other better, and became better friends.”

In addition to close friendship, Jazmine also values traveling. She has lived in California, travelled to many other places, and wants to travel to more.

“I don’t remember much of California, but it was entertaining and fun,” Jazmine said.

Jazmine’s best travel experience was in Virginia when in the winter she had gone to the beach and enjoyed it.

“The place I would love to visit is Italy because there’s a lot of beautiful places there,” Jazmine said.

Profile written by Chris Latham

Jazmine Gonzales, Reporter

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Jazmine Gonzales