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Cam’ron White, 8th, is a very talkative person who enjoys watching wrestling.

“I would describe myself as funny, loud, and talkative,” Cam’ron said.

Jeffery Serpas, 8th, agrees.

“Cam’ron is weird, intersting, and funny,” Jeffery said.

The bravest thing Cam’ron has ever done was save a toddler’s life.

”I saved a baby from getting hit by a car because he wandered in the street,” Cam’ron said.

Before he dies, Cam’ron has a few things he would like to do, including traveling.

“Three thing on my Bucket List are to go to Boston, live in Miami because of the beach, and get the tube out of my head,” Cam’ron said.

In addition to his goals, Cam’ron values his friendships greatly.

“My friends are there for me,” Cam’ron said. “My best friend is Tadereo Thomas because he’s funny, and I can talk to him about anything.”

Profile written by Pamela Anguiano

Cam'ron White, Reporter

Nov 11, 2016
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Cam’ron White