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Wanda Venegas, Reporter

Wanda Vanegas, 9th, lives her life like Meredith from the movie Brave because she takes risks and does what she feels is right.

“I would describe Wanda as loud, funny, smart, cool, and different,” Lesly Flores, 9th, said.

Some people might be surprised to discover how funny, loud, and different Wanda is because of the quiet way she works in class.

”I'm a hard working person in the classroom,” Wanda Vanegas said. “I like to stay on top of things and stay focused on my work.”

In addition to good grades, friends are important to Wanda. Molly Conroy, 9th, first became friends with Wanda in 7th grade Orchestra class.

“We both love playing the violin together,” Molly said.

Wanda would like to learn how to play the piano someday.

“I like the calming music that the piano makes,” Wanda said

Wanda is a fan of unique and funny things like her favorite show Family Guy.

“My favorite TV show is Family Guy because it’s weird and funny,” Wanda said.

Characters like Stewie and Meg seem to have rubbed off on Wanda because of how her friends describe her.

“Wanda is a very funny and unique person,” Lesly Flores, 9th, said.

Profile written by Sky Masterson

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