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Shayla Adkisson

Shayla Adkisson, Reporter

Shayla Adkisson, 8th, is a shy, kind, caring girl.

“I would describe myself as sometimes nice and sometimes mean,” Shayla said.

Gabby Pillstrom, 8th, first met Shayla in P.E. class.

“Shayla is thoughtful, kind, and stands up for what she believes,” Gabby said.

Shayla cares about her family.

“My best memory with my parents is when we floated down the Illinois River,” Shayla said.

Shayla’s grandmother is important to her and gave her good advice when Shayla was being picked on.

“The best advice I received was from my grandma who said, ‘Stand up to those girls,’” Shayla said.

Profile written by Wanda Venegas

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Shayla Adkisson