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Lesly Flores, Reporter

Lesly Flores, 9th, is a nice, thoughtful, and goofy girl who can be mean when she needs to be.

“I would describe myself as blunt and loud,” Lesly said.

Lesly’s kindness is shown in her friendships.

“Lesly is a very helpful and loving person,” Dominic Munoz, 8th, said.

To Dulce Diaz, 9th, Lesly is just as important.

“Lesly is one of a kind,” Dulce said. “She’s short but funny. She’s honest, and I always like to hang out with her. And she’s always there when you need her.”

Her caring nature carries over to family.

“My best memory is helping my mom through her sixth pregnancy,” Lesly said. “It stands out for me because I was going to be an older sister.”

Profile written by Faith Gant

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Lesly Flores