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Dazaria Yates

Dazaria Yates, Reporter

Dazaria Yates, 8th, is a pretty girl with long, squid-ink-black hair that runs down her shoulders. She loves to be with her friends and participate in activities that bring her joy and closer to her friends. Though she comes across as quiet and shy when she is joined with her companions, she can flourish and be vocal.

“I would describe myself as mixed, nice, and good personality,” Dazaria said.

Dazaria’s personality goes with her everywhere she goes, especially with her family and friends.

“When my family and I go shopping together, we make memories together and laugh,” Dazaria said.

Daira Iraburo, who first met Dazaria in 5th period and did not like her, described Dazaria as "beautiful, honest and a caring, trustworthy friend."

“With time, we became best friends,” Daira said. “One of my favorite memories was when we went to a store in the mall and picked out each other’s outfits.”

Jakayla Bunch, 8th, described her bestie Dazaria as someone who stands up for her.

"My favorite memory is when Dazaria roasted everyone who got on her nerves," Jakayla said. "It's funny how she talks."

Dazaria enjoys sports and hobbies.

“I love to play volleyball and cook for myself and my family,” Dazaria said. “I also love to watch football because it’s pretty interesting.”

Some of the best advice Dazaria has ever received came from her Aunt Yates who is always there for her and gives motivational speeches: “Don’t let nobody knock you down, no matter how hard they try."

Even though her family sounds perfect, Dazaria said there are challenges.

"I have to ignore the negativity from them," Dazaria said.

Written by Cole Grist

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Dazaria Yates