TDC: The Daily Conversation

Oneida Ibarra, reporter

This whole thing about Ebola has kinda gotten out of control. Like seriously, you can’t even sneeze anymore without someone accusing you of having the disease! How many of you really think we are going to find a cure for Ebola? Be honest.  There is no wrong or right answer. Some of you may still be confused about it so I’m going to help you by telling you my thoughts on the subject.

I know a lot of you were angry when you found out that a person, Thomas Eric Duncan, came back from Liberia, West Africa, with Ebola. Most of you wanted that person to go back or not return at all. Yes, it does seem very dumb to let someone into the U.S. with a disease that we have no cure for, but to be fair, security didn’t know the person contained the disease. Some of you think the disease will go nation-wide, which of course, I don’t blame you. We already had a nation-wide disease outbreak before. Why would it not happen again, right?

Let me tell you the story from my point of view.  Something just doesn’t seem right. Basically, what the government is telling us is that a professional health care worker, who was specially trained to avoid getting Ebola, still got it. Where does that leave us Americans? That leaves us as with untrained people who could catch it really fast since most of us are careless about our health.

I’m not saying we all are, but come on. I’m sure at least once or twice your parents have told you to put on a sweater before going outside and you’ve ignored them. For now, it seems like the Ebola outbreak is under control, but what if it just kinda spreads out of nowhere? What is your back-up plan? Yes, lets leave everything in the hands of the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), but in case that doesn’t work, you should think about what you would do. If it all works out as planned, great.