Cheerleaders Defy Rain

Gabby Garcia, reporter

Despite the cold rain, soaked uniforms, and frizzy hair, the cheerleaders supported the football team in their battle against Van Buren.

“When I arrived, I found the cheerleaders and dance team all huddled up inside right under the stands trying to stay dry,” Ms. Ferguson, sponsor, said. “Jawariyah Rogers was so relieved to find shelter that she ran into the building, slipped on the floor, and fell flat on her behind. I knew right then it was going to be an interesting game.”

With virtually-empty stands, the game began, and the cheerleaders made the most of the situation.
“I stayed motivated to continue cheering on the team because I knew the players were having a harder time than me,” Amber Keomany, 8th, said.

Other than being selfless, the girls also relied on joy to stay in good spirits.

“I kept motivated by jumping and laughing and cheering at every good play our boys had and having a good attitude while it rained,” Syndey Green, 9th, said.

For these fourteen girls, cheerleading meant more than maintaining spirit in bad weather.

“Being a cheerleader means having fun, living life, and being a leader and role model to little girls who want to be cheerleaders when they grow up,” Skye Wade, 9th, said.

To others, the sport inspired change.

“Cheer means cooperation, patience, and loyalty,” Bebe Chokbenboun, 9th, said. “Because of cheer, I’ve learned how to be nicer. . . somewhat.”