Miss Victoria Champions Positivity


Kaitlyn Heron, Reporter

Losing one of two lungs to cancer a few years ago has not stopped Miss Victoria Jones from being the loudest person in the room. Perhaps this is why she has been performing in theater productions since 2011.

“My favorite character was probably Shelby in Steel Magnolias just because it was such a fun script,” Miss Victoria said. “There was a lot of pressure, though, since it is such a well-known movie.”

Now in her fifth year as a secretary, Miss Victoria previously worked at Student Services at the FSPS Service Center and at Bonneville Elementary School.

What Miss Victoria likes best about Kimmons are the staff and students she gets to work with every day.

“I have always been outgoing and extroverted, so I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people,” Miss Victoria said. “Everyone is different and special in their own way.”

Miss Victoria is inspired everyday by her daughter Allison.

“I hope I am a secretary like the one I would want her to have,” Miss Victoria said. “Allison keeps me on my toes at all times and always pushes me to be the best person I can be. I want to always be a positive influence in her life.”

As a secretary, each day presents a new challenge.

“The biggest one is keeping the same, positive attitude every day, even when things get stressful,” Miss Victoria said. “I don’t ever want a student to see that I am stressed.”

When not in the office, Miss Victoria likes being outside with her fiancé Greg, daughter Allison, and two dogs Sophie and Murphy.

“We like to go on hikes and go swimming when it’s warm enough,” Miss Victoria said. “I also like reading all genres of books. One of my favorite books is My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.”