Mrs. McFarland Transitions to Reading at Ramsey

After 11 years teaching 7th grade Language Arts here, Mrs. McFarland has chosen to take on a new challenge — reading interventionist at Ramsey Junior High. She previously taught English for three years at her alma mater, Northside High School.

Mrs. McFarland’s love of reading is what first inspired her to become a teacher, and she is excited for the change.

“I’m most looking forward to concentrating on teaching reading, and although I love Kimmons, it is exciting to return to the same junior high I attended because of all the good memories there,” Mrs. McFarland said.

Mrs. McFarland has so many funny moments at Kimmons that she could fill a book!

“My students always keep me laughing, but the funniest ones are probably when Mrs. Martinez is there to laugh with me,” Mrs. McFarland said. “For example, Lakiya had a crush on the character John from The Pigman. Anthony translated a bad word written in Spanish in a novel. Edith said my son had a ‘haiku of 100.’”

Mrs. McFarland is most proud of seeing her students’ accomplishments.

“Graduation is always my favorite day!” Mrs. McFarland said.

Marcela Martinez, 9th, liked Mrs. McFarland’s teaching style.

“She had a very special way, had a lot of patience, and was calm,” Marcela said. “I enjoyed her class because she was funny, too.”

Angela Martinez, 9th, appreciated Mrs. McFarland’s “super kind” personality and how she always had a smile on her face every morning.

“I also liked that I could always depend on Mrs. McFarland to brighten up my day,” Angela said. “I always looked forward to 7th period class with her and Mrs. Martinez.”

Andriana Perdomo Montes, 9th, valued how Mrs. McFarland was “so understanding, nice and chill.”

“She teaches really well — not gonna lie!” Andriana said. “She also shared about her little boy and her life, and we would listen to her stories. I hope she has a good time at Ramsey next year, and I wish her the best. I appreciate her very much.”

Mrs. Medlin, who taught 7th grade with Mrs. McFarland for seven years, misses working with her.

“I could always count on Mrs. McFarland to help me with a concrete plan!” Mrs. Medlin said. “I had days when I had a lot of other stuff going on, and she grounded me. I could (and still can) always count on her to keep it real and support me with whatever I needed whether it was a moment to vent or a lesson plan idea. I think she utilizes these same qualities as a teacher, which is why SO many connect with her. They know she truly cares, and she’s honest with them.”

Mrs. McFarland’s departure is bittersweet.

“I will miss the people here the most,” Mrs. McFarland said. “I’ve been blessed to work with great administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents.”

As for her summer plans, Mrs. McFarland hopes to just relax.

“I’m going on a small vacation with my husband and son,” Mrs. McFarland said. “We are going to stay in a cabin in the woods away from people!”