Coach Walden Presses on from Small-Town Life


Coach Walden

Julissa Pardo, Reporter

Before coming to Kimmons, Ms. Walden taught math and P.E., plus coached basketball and softball for three years at Paris, Arkansas, which has a population of 3,500. Coach Walden likes how welcoming the faculty, staff, and students have been here.

“The faculty, staff, and students have been very welcoming thus far,” Coach Walden said. “Change is hard, but they have helped make this transition a little easier,” Coach Walden said.

Ms. Walden knew early on that she wanted to be a coach.

“I knew in 8th grade I wanted to be a teacher because I have always enjoyed working with children,” Coach Walden said. “Over the years, I have had several coaches who inspired me to pursue coaching further. I owe my coaches a lot of credit. They challenged and supported me throughout my school career and beyond.”

Coach Walden has goals for this school year.

“I hope to make a positive difference in others’ lives, to inspire students to excel in every aspect of life, and to grow personally and professionally as a coach/teacher,” Coach Walden said.

Coach Walden enjoys a variety of activities.

“I like almost anything outdoors (hiking, going to the lake, farm work, etc), anything sports-related like working out, spending time with family/friends, and playing/listening to music,” Coach Walden said.

Ms. Walden has big challenges as a coach.

“One of my biggest challenges is finding the right balance between work and everything else outside of it,” Coach Walden said. “I absolutely LOVE what I do, but coaching can be very time-consuming, and if I’m not careful, my priorities can get shuffled out of order,”
Coach Walden said.