Principal Rathbun Earns Doctoral Degree

Principal Rathbun Earns Doctoral Degree

Faith Gant, Reporter

A feeling of relief washed over Principal Rathbun as she realized she’s finished all the requirements needed to get her doctoral degree. Earning an additional advanced degree is not something Principal Rathbun had planned for at first.

“As I continued in my career, I realized that it was something that I wanted,” Dr. Rathbun said. “I have also taught in college some and would like to have this advanced degree to do that.”

Getting her doctorate came with some challenges.

“I do not think I’m a good writer,” Dr. Rathbun said. “Writing my dissertation was always on my mind, too, so it was hard to stay focused on other things that I needed to accomplish.”

Aside from challenges, Dr. Rathbun experienced some big accomplishments, too.

“I am just proud that I finished!” Dr. Rathbun said. “I was a little concerned with starting a new job as principal and trying to finish my dissertation, so I’m just glad the dissertation is complete!”

With all her requirements completed, Dr. Rathbun was ecstatic.

“I felt relieved and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders!” Dr. Rathbun said.