Teachers Share Their Goals for Students

Ybette Del Toro, Reporter

Here at Kimmons, teachers not only educate their students about content and get them ready for high school, but they teach life lessons about being respectful, responsible, and safe.

“My goal as a teacher is simply to impart knowledge to my students using a variety of methods that will enable them to not only be successful but to develop a genuine desire to become life–long learners,” Dr. Gray, 9th grade English teacher, said.

Teachers inspire students to have goals and dreams.

“My main goal as a teacher is to help students achieve their own goals,” Mrs. Martinez, 7th grade ELL teacher, said.

To have a safe, positive learning environment, teachers have rules and procedures for their classrooms.

“I keep it simple,” Mr. Graham, Art teacher, said. “I just require my students to ask permission for most things, and I remind them to stay safe at various times during class.”

To engage students in learning, teachers make their lessons fun and interesting. They know that students have special ways of learning.

“Excitement about learning is based on many factors, including things that are outside of my control,” Mrs. English, 9th grade Science teacher, said. “I can only offer varied activities and methods of presenting material to my students. The excitement is up to them.”