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Xhyliyah Grice


Xhliyah Grice, 9th, is a jokester whose personality is larger than life. She loves to have fun and never seems to go with the flow because she marches to the beat of her own drum. “I would describe my personality as very...

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Malika Smith


Even though Malika Smith, 9th, is as crazy as a lion eating its prey, she also has a sweet side. “I would describe myself as nice, sweet, and outgoing,” Malika said. Malika loves to go to Mexico to buy tamales but has...

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Faith Gant


Faith Gant, 9th, is tall, has short hair, and wears glasses. With her friendly but shy personality, she is able to make friends easily. “I would describe myself as gentle with a gentle soul who cares a little too much,”...

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Jonathan Dominguez


With his hazel eyes, curly hair, small size and his random odd personality, Jonathan Dominguez, 8th, is a guy who likes to bother people with his “smart answers.” “I would describe myself as random, talkative, and odd,”...

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Gorge Barroso


Gorge Barroso, 9th, is a first-year Journalism student.

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Ikeilah Rodriguez


The out going, good grade earning, taco loving Ikeilah Rodriguez, 8th, wants to learn a new language while traveling the world. “I would describe myself as a smart student,” ikeilah said. “If I were an animal, I would...

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Ashley Hernandez


Ashley Hernandez, 8th, is a nice person who likes being good to her parents and helping them. “I love to play soccer, I’m a nice person, and I love pizza,“ Ashley said. Ashley loves spending time with her family. Kelly...

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Torrin Tomes


With her medium-length brown hair, Torrin Tomes, 8th, is so quiet but talks a lot outside of class. “I am loud and talk more outside of class because I’m around my friends,” Torrin said. “I feel comfortable around them...

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Jeffrey Serpas


Jeffery Serpas, 8th, is a Hispanic boy with short black hair who rarely talks in class. Having moved here from California, Jeffery likes to skateboard and has won trophies in contests. He likes to skateboard because it’s fun....

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Ashley Banuelos


Ashley Banuelos, 9th, is calm, chill, and nice person who loves playing video games. “My favorite games are GTA 5, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, Call of Duty, and Black Ops 2 because they are fun and enjoying,” Ashley said. As...

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Halen Coyle


Halen Coyle, 8th, has blonde hair and is nice and funny. Her best strength is how well she gets along with others. “I don’t judge people, and I’m willing to work with anybody,” Halen said. People would be surprised...

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Lesly Flores


Lesly Flores, 9th, is a nice, thoughtful, and goofy girl who can be mean when she needs to be. “I would describe myself as blunt and loud,” Lesly said. Lesly’s kindness is shown in her friendships. “Lesly is a...

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Jazmine Gonzales


Jazmine Gonzalez, 8th, is a very unique and gregarious individual who is forgetful at times. “I would describe myself as very easy going and friendly,” Jazmine said. Jazmine’s best memory was with her parents. “When...

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Wanda Venegas


Wanda Vanegas, 9th, lives her life like Meredith from the movie Brave because she takes risks and does what she feels is right. “I would describe Wanda as loud, funny, smart, cool, and different,” Lesly Flores, 9th, said. ...

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Cam'ron White


Cam’ron White, 8th, is a very talkative person who enjoys watching wrestling. “I would describe myself as funny, loud, and talkative,” Cam’ron said. Jeffery Serpas, 8th, agrees. “Cam’ron is weird, intersting,...

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Joseph Wines


Every day this little 8th grader named Joseph Wines dances, shouts, and talks about his girlfriend. “I would describe myself as a lowkey baller because I got the shots Joseph said. Other than basketball, Joseph also plays...

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Pamela Anguiano


Long black pretty hair that flows down to her lower back, confident walk that she rarely looks down, and her love for makeup makes Pamela Anguiano, 8th, stand out. “The bravest thing I have ever done was jump off the roof...

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Alina Khamphavong


Creative, shy, and mischievous Alina Khamphavong, 8th, loves to make her friends laugh and always finds a way to show off her creativity. “I’m silent and obedient on the outside, spontaneous and happy on the inside,”...

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Crystal Barroso


Crystal Barroso, 8th, is the youngest of four and has two baby nephews. “I love helping people out,” Crystal said. One of Crystal’s closest friend is her boyfriend Jonathan Santiago, 8th, because she trusted him on...

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Sky Masterson


Sky Masterson, 8th, is a student athlete who always likes to see the cup half full. Sky is a very bubbly teen and nice just like the character Patrick Star. Sky has many phenomenal friends on the Volleyball team. “Me and...

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Ivania Lopez


Ivania Lopez, 8th, is a short, dark-haired, loud, outgoing Hispanic girl who has lots of energy. “I would describe Ivania as loud but funny,” Sky Masterson, 8th, said. “In 7th grade science, Ivania was always loud and...

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Brian Delgado


With his shy, creepy, mischievous smile, Brian Delgado, 8th, likes to annoy his friends. “I would describe myself as shy, nervous, and creative,” Brain said. Family and friend are important in Brian’s life. ”My...

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Kaleb McDonald


Kaleb McDonald, 9th, is an energetic comedian who cares a lot for other people. “My weakness is that I’m always in trouble,” Kaleb said. Despite his weakness, Kaleb also has strengths. “My best strength would...

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Julissa Pardo


Julissa Pardo, 8th, has long, dark, beautiful hair. “I would describe myself calm, quite, and nice,” Julissa said. “If I could be a vegetable, I would be a Kiwi because they are yummy!” Her best memory with her...

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Shayla Adkisson


Shayla Adkisson, 8th, is a shy, kind, caring girl. “I would describe myself as sometimes nice and sometimes mean,” Shayla said. Gabby Pillstrom, 8th, first met Shayla in P.E. class. “Shayla is thoughtful, kind,...

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Iesha Tillery


Iesha Tillery, 9th, likes basketball, school, and friends. Speaking of basketball, Iesha is very fond of sports. “Hobbies I enjoy are basketball and volleyball because they’re the ones I’m good in,” Iesha said....

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Laisha Zarate


In striker position on the soccer field, Laisha Zarate, 8th, plays the championship game and is going for the goal. As she hits mid field, Laisha cuts left, then spins into the fight of the field. Finally, Laisha goes for the...

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Molly Conroy


Molly Conroy, 9th, a tall, goofy, and smart girl is the best person to be friends with. She would describe herself as "unique." “Molly is very creative and unique," Heather Boone 9th, said. "She is very caring, loving and...

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Chris Latham


Born in Japan, Chris Latham, 9th, is a funny, great guy who has a very deep voice. “I would describe myself as very articulate, and my most distinct attribution is my voice,” Chris said. One surprising fact about Chris...

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Jennifer Galdamez


Jennifer Galdamez, 9th, is an interesting, smart, and loud person. “I always get out there looking to make someone's day or find a way to help others out,” Jennifer said. If Jennifer could change anything in her life,...

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Deja Wesley


Deja Wesley, 9th, is tall, pretty, and has small eyes. With her friendly, funny, and talkative personality, she is able to make friends easily. “I would describe myself as an encouraging person," Deja said. Deja’s friends...

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Jake Grist


Jake Grist, 9th, is a funny and happy guy who loves to laugh with his friends. “Friends are important because life would not be as good without friends,” Jake said. Robert Kaapuni has a best memory of Jake. “When...

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Kaitlin Dodson


Careful Kaitlin Dodson,9th, smiled with joy at the sight of the newest Ellen Hopkins book. “I read the Crank series four times because I like Hopkins' writing style,” Kaitlin said. Kaitlin would like to go to Paris be...

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Karina Gonzalez


With her amazing smile, Karina Gonzalez, 9th, is friendly and nice to those who are nice to her. However, she can also be mean. Karina has really straight, shiny black hair and is 5’4. Her dad is tall, but her mom is short....

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